Daniel Bush

“I live at Young Life and I love it! I’ve been at many different assisted care homes, and Young Life is by far THE BEST!”

Corina Dehelean

“Where the delicious food and love meet together THERE IS HOME. This is the motto of Young Life Assisted Living and this is what anybody can see that walks through its doors. The owner is a wonderful Christian lady that has a heart of gold, big enough for everybody.”

Rahela Petian

“I have been to this facility & loved it! Real home made food, real people who do life together, & it was so cozy! Highlyyy recommend Young Life!”

Estera Pop

“I worked as a caregiver at Young Life facility and I enjoyed that time very much. The community that Lydia provided there, not only for the residents, but also for all the employees is something I will never forget. She cultivates the concept of family where everyone matters, each one is loved and each one’s […]