Over the 22 years at Young Life AL we have provided family care and quality service to every one of our residents. We have dealt with residents who have needed additional attention including the administration of insulin and IV antibiotics through instruction and guidance from home health care agencies. We are providing physical assistance to individuals as well as working with residents who have psychiatric needs including head injury, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorders and those who have history of drug and alcohol issues. We are experienced in meeting the highest demands that these residents require.
Some of our residents have gone from one assisted living to another, often more than five or six placements until finally settling in ours. In our assisted living homes we have had clients who, over the course of time, have greatly improved their condition. Some of our clients have even progressed so much that they left our home and were able to reintegrate themselves into society. Our first client, who we still have today, came to us incapable of walking, speaking, and morbidly obese. Since his stay, he has regained the ability to walk, speak, and lost a significant amount of weight thus greatly improving his quality of life.


Young Life A.L. assists residents with activities of daily living and basic care support in a homelike or apartment setting. Residents receive three meals a day, snacks, recreational and social activities, housekeeping, linen service, apartment maintenance, transportation and much more!
The mission of Young Life A.L. is to help young adults with TBI and people with physical or developmental disabilities secure needed services or benefits, live with dignity, security and compassion, and achieve maximum independence and quality of life.
Trained caregivers provide attention and assistance with medication management, bathing, dressing and cooking 24-hours a day. In addition, staff coordinates services with outside healthcare providers and monitor residents to ensure they are healthy and happy.
The Young Life A.L. facilities have large building, with spacious bedrooms and cozy wide common areas. They are fully equipped with modern kitchens, a computer centers, large yards with patios where residents can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather of the Grand Canyon State.


Amenities in Assisted Living facility typically include:
- Three meals a day, snacks and beverages
- Housekeeping services
- Transportation
- 24-hour security
- Exercise and wellness programs
- Personal laundry services
- Social and recreational activities

The Assisted Living facilities not only attend the needs of the residents, but it also enriches their lives through service.

Personal care in Assisted Living facility typically includes:
- Staff available to respond to both scheduled and unscheduled needs
- Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and walking
- Access to health and medical services, such as physical therapy and hospice
- Medication management
- Home doctors’ visits
- Care for residents with cognitive impairments



“I live at Young Life and I love it! I’ve been at many different assisted care homes, and Young Life is by far THE BEST!”

Daniel Bush

“Where the delicious food and love meet together THERE IS HOME. This is the motto of Young Life Assisted Living and this is what anybody can see that walks through its doors. The owner is a wonderful Christian lady that has a heart of gold, big enough for everybody.”

Corina Dehelean

“I have been to this facility & loved it! Real home made food, real people who do life together, & it was so cozy! Highlyyy recommend Young Life!”

Rahela Petian

“I worked as a caregiver at Young Life facility and I enjoyed that time very much. The community that Lydia provided there, not only for the residents, but also for all the employees is something I will never forget. She cultivates the concept of family where everyone matters, each one is loved and each one’s needs are met in a special way. Oh, did I mention that the food is very good ? Definitely I would recommend this home for anyone looking for a good place to live and be cared for !”

Estera Pop